Thursday, August 2, 2012

Xbox 720 specs leaked?

It has been a while since people were talking about the Xbox 720, but now another supposed leak is out, and this time it might actually be real.
This weekend on an Xbox developer forum you could have picked yourself up the Xbox 720 'Durango' dev kit if you had a spare $10,000 laying around.  Looking a lot like a regular PC tower it was rumored to have NVIDIA graphics as well as an Intel processor.  Also rumored was that the kit would have over 8GB of memory.

Ok so this all sounds like the rumors we all have been hearing all along but Digital Foundry contacted the source of the leak as well as several other developers who confirmed that what was leaked is indeed 'genuine'.

The person who apparently leaked the Xbox 720 specs (and who was selling it for a mere $10,000) is known as DaE.  DaE stated that there will be:

  • eight-core  CPU
  • over 8 GM of memory
  • NVIDIA Graphics
  • Blu-Ray Support
  • 1080p and native 3D output
DaE also claims that the Xbox 720 will be at least 6 times more powerful than the Xbox 360.

But what do you think? Do you think that this is all too good to be true? Let me know of your thoughts below.

Source: Yahoo