Sunday, August 12, 2012

What tutorial would you love to see next at Techman's World?

Today I was inspired to ask a question to all of you because my tutorial on how to install Disqus on your mobile Blogger template was very helpful. I know that I haven't been doing that many tutorials here lately, but right now I am asking you on what do you want to see next.

Ok, I am fully aware that there is a large space in the technology space that you could want me to cover, but I can't just cover everything, I'd need more writers.

So if you can, try to limit your view to the PC space. I am a Windows Power User, so I am most likely able to answer questions on Windows. I'm getting better on Ubuntu, so I could answers about Ubuntu as well.

As far as mobile devices go, I don't have a iPhone, but I do have access to an Android 2.3 device. Sorry, but I don't have an ICS device, and have not been offered one for review from Google or one of their OEMs.

So even though my resources are limited, I will help you as much as I can. You can email me your questions, or you can post a comment below in the comments section. If you do wish to email me, go to my about page, or you can scroll all the way down the bottom of this page and click on the contact link under the important links section.

Currently, I'm am going to hammer down tutorials for people who don't use computers that much, or are not computer savvy. If you have a relative that has questions, I might be able to answer them. And possibly take some of the load off your back :)