Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ubuntu One Challenge

Ubuntu One is a cloud syncing and storage service that is owned by Canonical and by default you get a free 5GB when you sign up. With Ubuntu 12.04, it only took a few clicks to get that free 5GB.

But how about getting an extra 20GB tacked onto that, so no win total you will get a while 25 GB to stuff with anything you want.

Now here's the challenge -- you have to refer 40 people to Ubuntu One. To do this, go to your web dashboard and there you will see your unique referral code. When you refer new people, your referrals start rising, and you work your way to getting to the number 40.

Yeah, it can be hard, but who's up for a challenge? Let me know of your thoughts on the comments below. I personally don't use Ubuntu One that much because of SkyDrive, but you can help me too by following the link below.