Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sports Champions 2 Available In North America on October 30th

If you are familiar with the PlayStation Move, you might know about the game Sports Champions. Well it turned out to be a popular game, and there is a second game coming. With today we now know about a North American release date.

Source: PS blog
Jeremy Ray, Senior Producer of this game, went to the PS Blog to post some final updates before the game is going to come out. On the post he explains about adding some final polish to the game, as well as patching up the last few bugs. Ray also goes on to say that the game has passed a lot of the studio's internal goals. One of the biggest features that has a lot of creativity is the Avatar Creator.

In the comments section of the post, Jeremy also answered some questions. First off, I'm sorry to say that the game will not include multiplayer. Click the link to see the source comment. Sports Champions 2 will also not replace SC1, but instead act like a compliment.

You can read the source and the comment section below it by clicking here.