Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nintendo Power Magazine is closing its doors

Image via Engadget
If you are a fan of Nintendo, or have bought a console for you are a friend, then you might have saw something about Nintendo Power. It is a game magazine for those that didn't know. Lots of you might have had this when you was a kid, and some of you still do.

If you loved it, then I do indeed have some sad news for you. It appears that the popular gaming magazine is in fact closing its doors according to Ars Technica. That news comes from a source over at Ars Technica, and it was backed up by numerous tweets from the magazine's staff, but those tweets have since been pulled form the microblogging service.

Nintendo Power published its first issue in the summer of 1988, becoming the leading voice in a gaming landscape dominated by the NES. According to Ars, Nintendo had proven "difficult to work with" and was no longer interested in keeping the brand going.

If you want to pick up the last issue of the magazine, you can later on this December. Make sure you keep those collections -- they might be worth a lot of money one day, provided that Nintendo does not fall back on its word and decides to revive the magazine.