Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Microsoft SkyDrive App for Android Released

When Microsoft made a promise a few days ago to bring an Android app for SkyDrive, many users got their hopes up. To put it short, they delivered.

The app was just released today, and I discovered it via some type of notification on my Android phone. I didn't download it at the time, but I'll have to play with it in the coming days. One thing I do have to say, is, why can you not upload files via SkyDrive's mobile web interface? All you can do is view files, but you can't upload files. Maybe Microsoft should look into that, because that is a feature that is really lacking, and it doesn't have to be lacking. If anyone sees this feature, please let me know.

As you might expect, the list of features follows suit with the existing iOS and Windows Phone applications -- including multiple photo or video uploads, file sharing, opening stored files and file management with the ability to sort folders. While the app was built to work best with Android 4.0, it'll play nice with any handset that runs Gingerbread and above. If you're ready to install, a few clicks will do just that via the Google Play link below.

Source: Windows Blog     Download: Google Play

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