Friday, August 31, 2012

GNOME based Ubuntu coming out this fall

If you love the Ubuntu or at least have used it before to know about the desktops that it is using and what it used in the past, you would know that back then Ubuntu used GNOME 2. Then when GNOME started to go down their own path, away from Canonical's beliefs, Canonical created Unity, a desktop shell that sat on top of GNOME. So you were still running GNOME and some GNOME applications, you were just using a shell instead of stock GNOME.

But if you ever wanted a Ubuntu distro spin that came with stock GNOME, then I have some good news for you. A GNOME-based Ubuntu spin will be coming out later this year, released at the same day as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and all of the other *buntu's are released in October (take a peek at the Ubuntu Countdown)

The distro will still inherit some parts of Ubuntu, because obviously it is a spin of Ubuntu.

What it includes
GNOME-Shell is provided as the default desktop, and GDM – which sports new animations in 3.6 – is to be used for the lock and login screens.

File-manager wise the spin will use the same version of Nautilus as Ubuntu. So, with Ubuntu haven taken the decision to stick with the slightly older, but more featured, 3.4, this is the version that GNOMEbuntu will also be using.

There is also some recommendations to replace/remove some of Ubuntu's core components and applications, such as Abiword in place of LibreOffice. The Ubuntu Software Center and Update manager might not be in the distro as well. You might be wondering why, but if you want info you can look at the project's website.

What do you think of this?