Thursday, August 9, 2012

A new project on KickStarter aims to make charging your iPhone and Android phones real easy (video)

While browsing KickStarter for the latest projects out there, I ran into this. Meet the ChargeCard. Basically, it is a charger for your iPhone and Android phones. But it is no ordinary charger (see below).

This is not just any ordinary charger -- this charger is super thin, and can even fit into your wallet. It is super thin (as I've already said before), and basically consists of a card like charger, and it seems to be revolutionary. All you have to do is plug an end of the card into your phone (in this case, the iPhone), and the USB cable can be folded out from inside the card, making it a complete flat object. All you have to do then is plug the USB plug into any USB port, where these days they are found everywhere, from computers to game consoles to set top boxes and beyond.
Like I said before, this device is very thin. In the video, you can see that one of the men behind the product can even fit the ChargeCard in his wallet. Since there is no need for any physical wires beside the product to be on you, you eliminate the need to carry your charge cables for your iPhone.
You can contribute to this KickStarter by going to their project page. Due to its high popularity, this KickStarter has already exceeded its funding goal, but more contributions can help. The minimum contribution is one whole buck ($1 USD if you live in another country), so where can you go wrong? Why not go ahead and support this project, I'm sure they'll appreciate it. Their project video is below.
Do you think this is a great project? Would you use this? Let me know of your thoughts in the comment thread below.

Update: It seems that the team behind this might have dropped an Android version due to high demand and the high costs of tooling and manufacturing. They said something about getting one if you contribute $20, though.