Sunday, July 22, 2012

UCLA creates transparent solar cell

Are you not a fan of Solar Panels because they are eyesores and can take up a large amount of space? Well, meet the new transparent solar panel.

 UCLA researchers are working on a new see-through solar cell that's showing potential. Using a new type of polymer solar cell, the team has been able to build a device that converts infrared light into electrical current. Current prototypes boast 4 percent energy conversion efficiency at 66 percent transparency. It is not completely clear, but completely manageable. All that you see for now is a very, very light tint on the glass/plastic.

According to a study in ACS Nano, the technology could be used in "building-integrated photovoltaics or integrated photovoltaic chargers for portable electronics." This could mean one day be used to build solar windows or better sun collecting smartphones. Another good place to use this is on Car windows, since most of the time cars are parked out in the open sun.

Don't get too excited, though. This technology is still its its very early stages, and it will take years (if it even gets released to the public) before this technology is ready for general use.

Let me know of your thoughts below.