Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ubuntu Countdown HTML5 Widget is back!

Hello all. If you have noticed the past few weeks, There was no HTML5 Ubuntu Countdown widget. It was gone because its host site was down, and there was almost no way of knowing if it was ever going to come back.

So for the time being, I swapped in the old one. The widget was the orange one, and it didn't move. Now that the HTML5 widget is back online, the HTML5 one will display for browsers that are NOT IE (I still haven't tested IE9), and the old orange one will display instead for IE browsers.

Of course, HTML5 is resource intensive, so if you see any real performance issues, please let me know. I have tested the widget at that size on a single core Celeron M (2005), and it only consumed 50% of the CPU. It should not consume anything if you are using a modern processor.

If you are looking to add this widget to your website as well, I recommend you go to this website to get the widget. I also recommend you download the .zip folder just in case that site does down again. You should also grab the direct HTML too, just to be safe.

Again, let me know of your thoughts below.