Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A sad story - Bryan Lunduke's software returning to the closed source model (for later versions)

Bryan Lunduke's site header image. Copyright Bryan Lunduke
A few weeks ago, I published this article stating that Bryan Lunduke's software went open source. While this is all good, his income was now solely based on donations. At first, his donations worked, and he was in the clear. The next month, though, donations dropped off big time, and he was loosing money real fast. He tried to add perks to the deal (such as having pre-built binary's for this apps for people who donate).
Despite his new efforts, it just was not working for him. So to make sure he does not loose his house, car, etc., his software is returning to the closed source model. Newer versions of his software (such as Illumination 5.0) will be released under a closed source model.

Current versions of his software will remain under the GPL, and Lunduke will still work on an open source project every week (at the time of this post, it is Inkscape).

For his full post, look here. Let me know of your thoughts below.