Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Session Menu coming to Ubuntu 12.10

Image Credit: Omg Ubuntu
The "Switch Off" option will most likely be shut
down on other systems, Joey is in the UK.
Coming to Ubuntu 12.10 is a new session indicator. It is refined and compact. Currently in Ubuntu, you have the power button menu, and then you have that menu with your username on it. Now, your username menu is being migrated into the power button menu.
There is also more visual changes, take a look at the image to the right. As you can see, the devices part of the menu has been dropped, also saving space (although the void might be filled by the double-lined user account images).

The man reason for why this change is coming is because user testing of Ubuntu revealed that many users had issues finding various items that were spread across the two-menu approach.

Image Credit: OMG Ubuntu
Aiming to correct this, the updated session indicator makes it easier to find the official Help documents (Ubuntu Help), as well as the version of Ubuntu installed (and probably more info 
about the PC) at "About this computer"

The redesign also finally puts ’Switch User Account’ in the same location as other session options. While all these features look promising, you must remember that 12.10 is still in development. This is all subject to change.