Monday, July 9, 2012

Navigate through Amazon stores with Unity Shopping lens!

Many people in this world use Amazon. On mobile devices, you have apps that you can use to shop Amazon. You can also use the mobile Amazon.

On the desktop, it is standard that you use the Amazon website to shop Amazon. Now with this new lens, you can search products directly from the Unity Dash!

The Unity Shopping lens (the package name is unity-lens-shopping) allows users to easily search through Amazon's massive base of products via the handiness of the Dash, where, by simply typing a desired word in the search area, the mentioned lens populates itself with items from Amazon. Clicking on an item opens a detailed page in your default web browser.

Unity Shopping lens takes advantage of the new card view, "surrounding" the exposed items with properly rendered preview images and readable titles.

Also, the user is to be helped to identify the "right"  product by the store's regional belonging-aware prices, such as displaying dollars when is enabled, euro when Amazon DE and FR is enabled, and pounds with Amazon UK.

How to Install unity-lens-shopping
Right now you can install this lens via the developers PPA. This ppa is different, and this lens is also not provided by scopes packagers (that I know of).

You can use the GUI to enter the following if you wish, but I'm going to provide the copy and paste terminal commands :).

To add the PPA (add the part in bold if you are using the GUI method):
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity-lens-shopping-team/ppa
Then enter the following commands after the command above to refresh your software list and actually install the lens:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install unity-lens-shopping

After that, log out and then log in.

Right now users might have difficulty install this package, because the developer has blocked access to the PPA. If  you are still having trouble, please try again later. If you are still having issues, I suggest you message the developer at the launchpad link above.