Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mozilla giving Thunderbird the axe, leaving its fate to the community

If you are a fan of Mozilla, or if you using Linux distros as your OS, you probably know about Mozilla Thunderbird. If you love using it, you are not going to like this news. Mozilla has confirmed plans to take the organization out of active Thunderbird development. 

The shift is officially being spun as an adaptation that lets Mozilla center its energy on Firefox OS and the Firefox.

Mozilla will still provide security updates and bug fixes with an Extended Support Release process for a client that's "not a priority." This is basically Mozilla giving the axe on Thunderbird.

Any new features added will have to come from the community; this also brings up a very unpredictable release schedule. 

The writing is on the wall soon enough that existing owners could have food for thought well before a final strategy is due in early September.

Sources: Engadget, Lizard Wrangling