Saturday, July 14, 2012

Microsoft updates SkyDrive for Windows app

Image Credit: Engadget. SkyDrive Logo/Trademark Copyright Microsoft Corporation.
A few months ago, Microsoft released a SkyDrive for Windows App. Today it has been updated, and it has some new features in tow. Most of them will be under the hood, though. Those under hood improvements include "performance, reliability, and compatibility improvements."
You'll also see some visual changes. A new status window is now up, a much requested feature among the SkyDrive users. The status window gives users a glanceable view at whether or not their SkyDrive is in sync, and displays the time at which it was last updated.

In the event that a sync is still ongoing, you'll also see the number of megabytes and files you have remaining to sync. Also noticed in this update is the refreshed logo. For people who don't know what it look likes (or resembles), it has a new Microsoft Metro style to it.