Monday, July 2, 2012

Microsoft announces $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer for most Windows users

Recently, Microsoft has detailed the upgrade path for users buying a new Windows 7 PC right now. Now Microsoft is detailing upgrade info for everything else.

Those running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 will able to download a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $39.99. Stunning, because that's a far cry from the company's earlier upgrade prices, which as recently as Windows 7 ran $50 and $99 for Home Premium and Pro upgrades, respectively. You will have to pay a bit more if you want packaged DVD version of the upgrade, though, with it running $69.99 at retail -- it also sounds like both of those prices will be going up when the promotion ends on January 31st of next year.

the upgrade process will vary depending on the OS you're currently using. Those making the jump all the way from Windows XP will only able to bring their personal files with them, while those on Vista will be able to bring their personal files and Windows settings, but no applications. 

If you're wondering about Media Center, it will be available as a free option once the upgrade is finished.

I'm going to take a guess that Windows 7 upgraders will be able to keep their Windows Settings, their personal data, and their installed applications. Anyone correct me if I am wrong.

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