Friday, July 20, 2012

Illumination Software Creator 5.0 Beta 2 has arrived

Illumination Software Creator, Bryan Lunduke's visual app development tool, has hit 5.0 beta 2. Beta 2 has a few bug fixes, and some hints to some new features.

First off, project files from older versions of Illumination Software Creator *should* work properly. Before there could have been some issues. If you are still having issues, then I suggest you let Mr. Lunduke know so he can fix it.

Second, code generations for Android Java should be much better now. For those that don't know, sometimes code that was generated as not so good, and in result apps didn't look like they were programmed to look like, and some code errors itself might have occurred.

Third, links within the app (such as the link to the forums) have been updated to point to, the new source for all of the forums and other data.

There are going to be some more beta releases before the app is ready for a real release, but be aware that getting Illumination Software Creator V5.0 will require you to buy a license all over again, and this means that you'll have to pay (most likely) $50 USD to get the new version of the app. The new app won't be so bad, it'll have a build service in it I believe. I'll elaborate more on that as more details some our.

Source: Bryan Lunduke (