Friday, July 6, 2012

I recommend you never buy from NewEgg again, especially if you are fond of Linux (or UNIX in general)

Hey Guys/Gals, today I just wanted to share something I found on one of the Linux sub reddits. It is about this person needing to send their computer back to NewEgg because it has a hardware problem, and NewEgg saying that they are not going to fix it because it does not have the original factory OS installed on it.

Why not go ahead and spread the word? ;-) The Reddit can be found here.

My Opinion:
I believe that this is real bad for the public image of NewEgg, especially for UNIX users. Personally, I will probably never buy from NewEgg because of this mishap. While NewEgg might correct their issue, the damage will have already been done, not to mention that I am one of hundreds of writers that wrote about this at their websites.

Let me know of your thoughts below.