Friday, July 6, 2012

Cisco climbs down another rung over unpopular Connect Cloud service

The Cloud Connect Hompage Banner. You definitely have to click to expand and see the banner.
Cisco has backed down some more on its unpopular Connect Cloud service. At first people didn't like it because it was forced upon them in a software update, and then there is one major eye catcher with the update...the privacy policy. In the Linksys privacy agreement, there was a clause which allowed the company to monitor a person's internet history via their router. Of course, this is a HUGE intrusion on a person's privacy. Users quickly responded with a internet outrage, and a few even switched routers.

Then, Cisco responded by removing the privacy part of the problem, but people still preferred that they give local management back to the user, instead of having to go through the cloud service.

However, realizing that probably wasn't enough to quell the sense of intrusion, it's now gone one step further. Writing on an official blog, Cisco VP Brett Wingo has declared that Linksys customers will no longer be pushed into signing up for Connect Cloud, the service which lay at the heart of the problem:
"In response to our customers' concerns, we have simplified the process of opting-out of the Cisco Connect Cloud service and have changed the default setting back to traditional router set-up and management."
So in other words, you will not have to hook up in to a (largely) unwanted cloud service to get advanced management features for your router, and neither will you have to sign away an even greater chunk of your personal space, which is just how it should have been (and indeed how it was) in the first place.

So I hope this puts this Cisco vs Internet (users) dispute to sleep...