Sunday, July 15, 2012

Acer Offering Free Windows 8 Pro Upgrades

If you are a fan of Acer, then I have some news for you. Acer is offering a free upgrade to Windows 8 Professional if people buy their ultra books right now.
Microsoft’s own upgrade scheme entitles users to a copy of Windows 8 Pro when it’s released for just $14.99 if they purchase a Windows 7 machine now. Microsoft will also be offering upgrades to all users with a copy of either Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP for just $39.99 when Windows 8 is released, sometime in October.

This certainly seems like a deal to some, but Acer won't be supplying Windows 8 directly. Here is now it works:
You claim your upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at the special price of $14.99 via Microsoft’s website. Once you’ve paid and received your copy of Windows 8, you can then go to Acers Windows Refund site and submit an application to have that $14.99 refunded.
Also, here is a direct quote from Acer:
The latest Acer Ultrabook deserves the latest operating system, so upgrade your Acer Ultrabook to Windows 8 through the Microsoft Upgrade Program and then Acer will refund the cost of your upgrade.
Its a nice gesture from Acer, considering how hard they are working in the ultrabook world. However, even if this offer was not available, Microsoft is still offering a steal because they have never offered an upgrade to one of their operating systems for as low as $40.

Let me know of your thoughts below.     Source: Acer