Friday, June 29, 2012

Want to help Bryan Lunduke with donations?

Hello all. If people have been following my blog recently, I have wrote about a man named Brian Lunduke. This man is brave -- he is open sourcing all of his software, and he is going to rely entirely off of donations. There is a small problem, though. Donations are starting to drop off, and quickly. Most are due to failed payments (not enough $$$ in their PayPal accounts).

I wanted to go ahead and post here to help spread the word. Like I said, he is taking a BOLD move by doing what he is doing.

So I ask you to at least take a look at the following pages below. If you can, please donate to him. I have, I bought his Illumination Software Creator visual app development tool before it went open source. You can still buy it at, but you can also grab the source code for free.

So take a look at the following two blog posts below. I really hope you can help this man.