Friday, June 22, 2012

Just made some new software: Ubuntu Popular Package Installer

Hello fellow readers. Earlier today (about 1 PM EST) I fired up Illumination Software Creator (made by Brian Lunduke, it just went open source), and decided that I was going to build something today.

Well... I did.

I created the Ubuntu Popular Package Installer. Well, it is not really a installer, per se, but it does initiate shell scripts to install popular packages for Ubuntu. Currently you can install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras, Synaptic, GDebi, WINE (but you have to add the update PPA first, I'll fix this later tonight), and a few desktop environments.

You have to run the software as root, because like I already said it does allow you to install software.

I have more on this in my read me on my Techman's World Software directory. You can click the link to go to the Ubuntu Popular Package Installer, or go to my Techman's World: Software page, where you can see all of my uploaded Python Software.

If it is not already obvious, this is meant for Ubuntu, and does not work on Windows or Mac for obvious reasons. This is only tested using Ubuntu, so I do not know if this works for Debian - I'm not going to find out either (I only use Ubuntu), but a community member can correct me if they wish.

I encourage anyone and everyone to try this out, as I made it for the community, not just for me.

Let me know of your thoughts below, and on the software page as well.