Friday, June 29, 2012

Adobe confirms it won't support Flash on Android 4.1, stops new Flash installs from Google Play on August 15th

Last fall, Adobe announced that it would be dropping support for mobile flash. In fact, they made this very loud and clear. If you didn't know when, or had your doubts, Adobe just drew the line. 

Android 4.1 won't ever get certification for Flash. The company is stopping short of saying that Flash won't run, but it's evident that Adobe won't help you if the web browser plugin doesn't install (or breaks in spectacular fashion) on that new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.1 device.

To spice things up, Adobe is pulling the plug on new downloads of the plugin on August 15th. Don't worry, if you are an existing user, you will continue to get security fixes and bug fixes. From that point forward, though, no one else can get the plugin from the Play store. You'll have to go to Adobe to download the outdated versions of flash (or the one last updated before Adobe pulls the plug on Flash in the Play store).

The company had already said that HTML5 was the way forward on phones and tablets; now we know for sure that they are putting their money where their mouth is (so to speak).

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