Thursday, May 24, 2012

System76 Releases Gazelle Professional Series 7, professional parts in tow

System76 has been recently redesigning their laptops, and their desktops. Happening about 2 days ago is the release of the Gazelle Professional 7. This laptop has the same screen size as the Pangolin Performance, but that is just about where the comparison parts. Sure, the Pangolin Performance can have the same amount of RAM and have some of the other parts that this laptop has, this powerful notebook features only 3rd generation Core i7 Ivy Bridge CPU's. This also feature Intel HD Graphics 4000, better than the consumer standard 3000. Why not an NVIDIA -- because there is no noticeable difference unless you put in higher NVIDIA cards, which would make this laptop even more expensive. Would be nice if you could have an option to put in a NVIDIA instead of using the Intel Graphics. 

Lets look at what System76 says on its website as of May 24, at the time of this posting:

Now lets look at the photos currently on the System76 website:

To go to the configuration page, click here. To go to the laptop's main page, click here.

Update: I know that a few of you are wondering why you are not getting better graphics options, but I have an answer. A System76 spokesperson noted Nvidia chips are unavailable on the company’s laptops “due to architectural changes to nVidia’s Optimus technology” that make them impossible to support on Ubuntu, but System76 hopes the support situation will improve in time for Ubuntu 13.04. The spokesperson added that System76 also plans to evaluate AMD 7000 GPUs for future laptops. In any case, I suspect Intel graphics will work well enough for most people, and have the additional benefit of pretty rock-solid Linux support.