Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OpenOffice 3.4 Released

First off, do you know what OpenOffice is? OpenOffice is an office suite that was used by many until The Document Foundation took its source code and forked it into what is now the mainly used open source office suite Libreoffice, to give OpenOffice a "brighter future". Which was a polite way of saying “getting bugs fixed and features added faster”.

Although LibreOffice may have forked off from it and picked up developers and innovation by the bucket load, the faithful old brand, now under the direction of Apache Software Foundation, has seen its first release since January 2011.

This new release of OpenOffice doesn't contain anything game changing, but does have some improved features, faster startup times, and a new color picker.

    • Faster startup times
    • Improved ODF Encryption
    • Various minor additions to Calc
    • Support for SVGs in all apps
    • New look color picker
    For the full release log, go here.

    Looking Forward

    Apache OpenOffice has announced initial aims for future releases. These include adding ‘new features and improvements from the upcoming IBM Lotus Symphony contribution’, ‘additional native languages’ and ‘enhanced accessibility, usability and performance improvements’.

    If you want to get the latest OpenOffice, then click here. Choose your platform under one of the listed languages, then click download.

    Oh, and if you have LibreOffice already installed, then remove it to get this. It is not recommended you run both office suites on the same machine.

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