Sunday, May 6, 2012

New ‘Ubuntu For Android’ Video Demo Appears Online

If you were rocking CES news, you should have found out that Canonical was introducing Ubuntu for Android. Ubuntu for Android is Ubuntu installed with Android. They both share the same kernel. You get Ubuntu when you dock your phone into a cradle, and you are back into Android when you undock. You can access Android features when you are in Ubuntu. You can make texts, make calls, etc, when you are in Ubuntu.

The project sees Ubuntu and Android running from the same kernel, leading to unique integration and features with one another, but without compromises being made to either OS.
Just because Ubuntu is running on the Android kernel (and on a smartphone) doesn’t mean that it’s any less capable of working like a traditional “desktop” as that found on dedicated hardware.

And that point is demoed succinctly in the following video. Canonical’s Richard Collins demonstrates the not-so-limber LibreOffice running under Ubuntu for Android on an Motorola Atrix 2 with some impressive speed.