Monday, May 21, 2012

New page added: Software

Hello readers.

Today I have another minor site change to put into effect. You won't be noticing anything visually, but you will know if you know a certain link.

The link now is just a dedicated software page. Since I couldn't get Disqus to embed on another page besides the home page, I used the manual JavaScript embed code. You can comment there just as normal.

So for now on, my software is going to be on that page, at least for the time being. The link on the welcome bar is going to say, so I don't have to use that tab bar that looks terrible in my opinion. I could use CSS, but I'll work on that in free time, as I'm sure I can make that....better...

So let me know of what you think by either going to that page or commenting here.

And thanks again to all who love and visit Techman's World.

As fellow commenter Gary Rumain has mentioned, you will have to put the URL on as so Google does not add your country code top level domain (ccTLD), as this affects your ability to see comments, as Disqus sees the page different if it has for example a instead of a .com like my blog really is -- a .com domain since it was registered in the United States.

I'll also add this to the software page as well. Thanks Gary Rumain for this heads up.