Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nintendo 3DS outselling four Sony devices in Japan, now has 65 percent of the market

The latest figures from Japan's Media Create are in, showing that last year's trend has been fully reversed. Now the consumers are hungry for Nintendo's 3DS, given that it shipped 121,921 units in the week ending April 1st. That put it comfortably ahead of the PlayStation 3 (23,771), PSP (18,356) and PS Vita's (12,105) sales combined. 

This report is also showing that the 3DS is now accounting for 65 percent of all hardware sales in the country, which marks a turnaround from when the future of the device did not look good.

The biggest selling game was Kingdom Hearts 3D for Nintendo's newest handheld, which managed to shift over 200,000 units in just seven days.

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