Thursday, April 19, 2012

Microsoft reveals the fourth version of Windows 8: Enterprise

We're sure some of you aren't as interested in the Windows 8 versions destined for workplace drudgery as you are the home editions, but admit it, the IT guy inside of you is a little curious. 

As detailed in an official blog post, the new unique feature in Windows 8 Enterprise is Windows To Go, which we think of as Windows on a stick. Basically it allows you to run your corporate image on a home PC or other personal devices -- the opposite of that USB disk you carry to work with portable versions of your favorite unsanctioned apps. 

Also new is the ability to automatically sideload internal Metro apps as well as enhancements to the virtual desktop client. Of course Windows 7 Enterprise features like DirectAccess, BranchCache and AppLocker are still there, but some features like BitLocker are now available in the Pro version of Windows 8 too. If you were thinking you might like these at home, don't forget that Enterprise is only sold with Software Assurance (Microsoft's perpetual upgrade program), but that does bring extra abilities too, like a free Virtual Desktop Access license -- you didn't think you got that for free did you -- and the optional Companion Device license that extends your VDI and Windows To Go rights to four more personal devices. 

Now, if it just included the ability to boot directly to the desktop, then most corporation's biggest concern with Windows 8 would be appeased.

Source: Windows Team Blog

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