Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to enable Chrome's click to play plugin feature

First off, make sure that you have Chrome of course! So if you don't have Chrome, please click here.

Are you tired of plugins (flash is one of them) automatically loading? Most of the time I would like them not to load. It is one form of ad blocking, but i'd rather you use AdBlock for Chrome to block all of the other type of ads.

So recently there was a new feature introduced to is called click to play. What does it do? It displays a little notification in the area where the plugin wants to load, asking you to click to run the plugin. This might be helpful if you can't access the Chrome Web Store to download AdBlock for Chrome.

So here is how you do it. Click the images to view them in full pixels, as they have been shrunken down to fit in the post itself.

Step 01
First off, open a new tab by clicking the little parallelogram looking shape next to a open tab. Then type in chrome://settings/content.

Step 02
Then scroll down to where the plugins category is.

Step 03
Click the button from Run automatically (recommended) to Click to play.

Below is a few screenshots. These screenshots was taken when I was in Windows XP, not Ubuntu 10.04.

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