Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watched 'The Tester' before?

Hello readers. Just wanted to start another discussion on the site, and this one is about the PSN tv reality show "The Tester". In this show people selected from thousands of applicants compete in challenges for a chance to earn a job at PlayStation as a video game tester, and in season 3, a job at Santa Monica Studios. If you have a PSP or PS3, I would recommend you hit the Media section under the PSP, and the Media/Apps section for the PS3 on the PS Store to pick up all of the episodes. I believe that all are available in HD, 720p. There is also SD if that is desired. The Tester Season 3 is also available on YouTube, and I am now going to start embedding the videos in posts when new ones come out. I am behind a few, so you see those relatively right away.

But now, how about you vote in the poll below and post a comment if you wish. I do look at the results in the poll, so don't think that no one cares.

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