Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virgin Mobile US Outage-Stay tuned for updates (UPDATED)

If you are a person who is rocking out Virgin Mobile prepaid goodness, then you might have noticed that you can't send texts and send calls. Well it is an outage that is going on right now. Reports have been coming in all day about this, but around 7 PM EST VM finally made it facebook official. Nothing much more to say for now. VM has said that their engineers are working on it, but still no time frame for when service will be restored.

And also, there is reports of some people not being affected by this outage. If you are not affected, then don't worry. But if your service suddenly goes out, then you know why.

Contacting customer support won't do that much either. The specifically mention the outage when you first call.

Update: After being down for a dozen hours or so, service has been fully restored. Virgin Mobile has apologized for the outage. If you are still having problems, please let me know so I can contact Virgin Mobile or contact them directly.

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