Thursday, March 1, 2012

NSA builds own model of Android phone, wants you to do the same

The NSA wanted to have its own go at making a high tech Android smartphone for use of its workers. Project "Fishbowl" constructed 100 handsets from off-the-shelf components that were secure enough that staffers could use them without speaking in code. All conversations are conducted across an IPsec VPN with a secure, real-time transport protocol for encrypting the voice at both ends, with the VoIP server being housed inside an NSA facility. It's part of a program to get handset makers to build this kit so the Information Assurance Directorate doesn't have to navigate the interoperability hurdles between each company's tech. The agency has launched a how-to for any manufacturer looking for a large Government contract to produce Fishbowl phones on a larger scale, but will probably have a different name.

So what is happening with the BB's they use?


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