Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mozilla caves, will supports H.264 to avoid 'irrelevance'

It seems that Mozilla has finally thrown in the towel in its battle against the patent-laden H.264 video codec. For the pas week or so, Mozilla has been publicly deciding on whether or not to support the MPEG-LA-owned format. Most of Firefox's biggest players are now on board, and all that is left now is to actually add the lines of code to the browser. Both chairman Mitchell Baker and CTO Brendan Eich embraced the decision this weekend, however begrudgingly, in blog posts. Both admit that success in the mobile space requires them to abandon the quest to make WebM the standard for streaming video in HTML5. Even with Google's support, at least on the desktop, VP8 was never able to seriously threaten the entrenched and battery-friendly H.264.

So I am guessing that there will be an update shortly. I'll cover that when it comes out.

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