Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Google Play replaces Android Market, new source for apps, books, movies and music

The Android Market has changed a lot since its release, allowing you to purchase books, music and rent movies, when the who concept was designed to serve only apps. To recognize this (and emphasize the availability of content for sale), El Goog is launching a new platform known as Google Play. The move hints at a strategy shift from just Android to the cloud as a whole, and establishes an umbrella brand for the diverse content sold by Google. For example, its Books, Music and Videos apps will now become Play Books, Play Music and Play Movies, while the Android Market itself will take on the moniker of Play Store. Users of Android 2.2 and above should notice the software update in just within a few days. Except for the name change, changes right now are minimal. Mind you though, you would eventually get a "Play" tab added to the Google Toolbar on top of the Google homepage. 

To mark the occasion, the company has announced a promotional "Seven Days to Play" sale, which will tease would-be shoppers with discounted apps, books, movies and music throughout the week.

Below are three images showing it off, followed by a nice video to sum things up.

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