Saturday, March 10, 2012

FCC to Verizon Wireless: You need more spectrum? Prove it by March 22nd.

If you have been under a rock for a while, you probably won't know that Verizon and the FCC have been duking (No, I am not old. Did learn it from an old person.) it out. The topic? The proposed transfer of 122 AWS spectrum licenses from three cable providers to Big Red. While the FCC's latest move is merely a sign of due diligence, it's now pressing Verizon to supply additional information regarding its business, spectrum holdings and the proposed transfer -- all with a deadline on or before March 22nd. While many of the information requests are boilerplate material, the regulator specifically presses Verizon to substantiate its claims that it'll require additional spectrum in some markets as early as 2013. Further, Verizon must also provide an analysis of the proposed spectrum transfer between itself and Leap Wireless and its impact upon the deal with the cable operators.

This isn't the end as usual. There has been how many rounds so far?

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