Monday, March 5, 2012

Delta teams up with Amazon to give you free WiFi access for in-flight shopping

These days, shopping online is the norm. In fact, more and more people are taking to the internet to shop for goods, mostly for convenience and low prices. Amazon is one of those online retailers, and they are probably mentioned from anyone who shops online. Amazon is even making it easier to shop with them, now when you are on a Delta flight. 

How does it work? Well you will get free internet for shopping online as long as you stay in Amazon's virtual walls. If you go to a site that is not Amazon certified, then you will then be asked to pay for normal internet, as this is what Delta does for normal in flight WiFi. Delta says the goal is to offer a "convenient way to shop online at 30,000 feet for things they want on the ground." Other bits announced are also costless access to content from The Wall Street Journal and People magazine, as well as more "exclusive" deals.

Any thoughts on this community?

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