Thursday, March 29, 2012

Check Your Symptoms with the PSP Diagnostic Tool P-Tester

If you have been following the PSP scene recently, you should know that right now there is not much out there to talk about right now.

Today I was on Dashhacks, and found this.

And for the record, this is homebrew. This means that it is no in any way official, and I am not responsible for the outcome of tests, though it has been tested and passed the developers inspection.

Now with the disclaimer in the air, now lets get on with the post.

The scene for the PSP is now filled with something to talk about. The thing to talk about is P-Tester, a diagnostic tool for your PSP. With this release you will be able to test your buttons, display stuck pixels/fix them and a few other functions.  Have a read below for the release notes from the dev:

  • *Test your PSP BUTTONS
  • *Test your PSP AUDIO SYSTEM
  • *Test your PSP BATTERY (since V1.5)
  • *Test your UMD Drive and your UMDs (since V2.0)
And also is a little note from the developer:

I'm releasing the source code too. I think that this might be useful
for those that want to learn psp programming basics, and for those that
just want to see how P-TESTER works.

If you find a bug, or if you have any idea, please contact me!

Source / Download

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