Friday, March 23, 2012

Carpathia wants to delete orphaned Megaupload data, pay the bills

When the feds shut down MegaUpload, it did more than jail its founders, scare competitors, and worry its users-it left Carpathia Hosting footing a $9,000-a-day bill. The outfit previously agreed to preserve Megaupload's frozen data, but now that the service's unpaid bills are piling up, it's ready to change its tune. In a emergency motion filed with the U.S. Federal Court in Virginia, Carpathia asked the court to either take the data off its hands, pay it for retaining the data or else allow it to delete the data altogether after allowing users to reclaim their files. The hosting service won't take action on its own, it says, as that might "risk a claim by a party with an interest in the data," such as the Motion Picture Association of America. With any luck, the matter will be settled in a court hearing next month. 

If not? Well, we'll just take it as a lesson: back up locally, you never know when your files might get wrapped up in the legal system. If you prefer a more cloud type deal, then use Microsoft SkyDrive or Ubuntu One.

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