Thursday, March 1, 2012

Android and iOS expose your photos to third party apps, promise fixes

2012 has been off to a bad year for security and privacy. In addition to a previous iPhone address book issue, there more flaws that need to be plugged. Apple wasn't the only one. Google was put under the microscope when mobile Safari was found to have a security flaw that its mobile ads were exploiting. Then, earlier this week, it was discovered that granting iOS apps access to your location could also expose your photos. Now it's been discovered that Android also exposes your images, though, it's doing so without asking for any permissions at all. While Apple was masking photo access with other permissions, Google is simply leaving your pics vulnerable as a part of a design quirk that came from the OS's reliance on microSD cards. Both companies have acknowledged the flaws and have said they're currently working on fixes.

Hopefully all these flaws are going to get fixed, because the mobile OS's we use are running out of info to expose.

Source: NYT 12

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