Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spray-on antenna revealed!

Even been with a lost signal from your phone or any other wireless device? Wish you can just spray the connection back together? Well what you think might come true. Chamtech Enterprises has developed a spray-on antenna it says is more lightweight and energy-efficient than current technology. Revealed at Google's inaugural Solve for X shindig, the antenna can be "painted" onto almost anything, including trees, walls and fabrics. Chamtech's already talking with government-based customers, and as such can't spill too much detail on how it works, but said it uses organic elements to tinker with magnetic and radio-frequency fields. The start-up's CTO, Rhett Spencer, claims the antenna could increase mobile energy efficiency by 10 percent. It was also found to work particularly well under water, and being organic, I would assume that this would make it ideal for sub-aquatic telecom infrastructure and rainy days.

Below is a video showing it off.

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