Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spotify iOS app update brings 320kbps music to your iDevice

If you are an iOS junkie, then your Spotify use just got better. v0.4.23 gifts users "very high quality" 320kbps music streaming (for Premium subscribers) and syncing, up from the previous max of 160kbps. Enabling the higher quality streams is as simple as ticking the "Extreme" box in the settings. Mind you, though, you might want to watch your data if you are on a capped network. Sprint users with unlimited data plans are ok. Logging in is simple too. Just login using Facebook to get access. If you don't use facebook, I guess your out of luck (including me). There is sadly no news yet on being able to log in without using a Facebook account. Feel free to voice (err, type) your thoughts in the comments. I read with open eyes.

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