Monday, February 6, 2012

Sony announces firmware update for PS Vita, maps and video apps coming this week

Sony has announced a pretty significant firmware update today, and it has some new apps/features in tow. IT will bring video, mapping, and Mac support to the game device.  Probably the most notable feature of the version 1.6 update is its new Map app, featured on the Vita's home screen. The application offers much of the functionality you'd expect to find in similar tools, including walking and driving directions, as well as satellite imagery.

As for the camera, you can now take video. Previously you can only take stills, but now you can get full motion video.

And finally, there will be a Content Manager Application released for the Mac, which was only available to Windows.

Updates are going to start to roll out February 8th, but you can see some new screen shots at the Sony (JP) source link below.

Click here to visit the source material from Sony (JP).

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