Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Science World: Crowed Planet

You should already know that the world is really big! I mean in terms in size. 7 billion people currently exist on this earth according to the latest info. Well Science World Magazine went deeper into what about the people that make up that enormous number

Their first table was about if they put 100 people into study, they found that:

Gender 51 men, 49 women

Religion 33 Christian, 22 muslim, 14 Hindu, 7 Buddhist, 12 other, 12 non-religious

Native Language 12 Mandarin Chinese, 5 English, 5 Spanish, 3 Arabic, 3 Hindi, 72 other

Age 27 younger than 15, 65 are between ages 15 and 65, 8 are older than 65

Education 16 can’t read or write, 35 don’t have internet access

Locale 51 live in cities, 49 live in rural areas.

They also had this paragraph on your ecological footprint. They say that an average American’s ecological footprint is 9 times larger than one of a person that lived in a developing country. Not that much of a surprise there.

Where do they all live? Two out of every 5 people live in either China or India. But form now until the end of the century, the largest growth is said to come from Africa. “Africa alone will gain another 2.5 billion people by 2100,” predicts Gerhard Heilig of the United Nations.

So here is the percents:
Oceania: .5%
South America: 5.7%
Europe: 10.7%
Africa: 14.8%
Asia: 60.4%

Fertility Rates
Africa: 4.6 children per woman
Asia: 2.3 children per woman
North America: 2 children per woman
Europe: 1.5 children per woman

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