Thursday, February 16, 2012

PS3 Firmware v4.11 Incoming (UPDATED)

There is another firmware coming to your PlayStation 3. This will bump up the software to the 4.11 mark, and is not mandatory to connect to the PSN. Eric Lempel says that firmware 4.11 will improve certain aspects of the system software and it will NOT be mandatory to connect to the PSN. For you guys on the lower firmwares taking advantage of spoofing, this will be your saving grace this time around.

Some people are mentioning that the firmware is being pushed to address issues with the connectivity between the PS3 and Vita. Who knows for sure? The update is for US and Canada consoles only, both regions in which the Vita was released today.

UPDATE: The PS3 Firmware is now live throughout the world, and is now mandatory to update. That was a short amount of time if you ask me.

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