Friday, February 17, 2012

PS Vita's make it to Australia!

Well here they are. There you see below is boxes upon boxes packed tight with the new systems. I don't know if you like this or not, but it is sorta fun looking at the amount of systems that are in those boxes. Those boxes will be sorted through, and will eventually make it into gamers' homes.

Although this is cool, you must wait for them to be unpacked from pallets, and sorted into groups (Wi-Fi and 3G).  If you were at all curious, there is 500 PS Vita's per palette. Then they must be sorted into orders for the retailers, and the purchasing will begin!

Presumably the picture below is someone checking that the necessary contents are all inside, and not taking things for himself.  Either way, these Vita's you see in the pictures will no doubt be bouncing along the road in the back of a truck as you read this post.

For now, this is what you have to look at. It will come soon. So hang in there AU viewers, its coming.

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