Monday, February 27, 2012

Mozilla partners with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom to further Boast the Gecko Project

If you didn't know already, Gecko is Mozilla's mobile OS project. While is seems that Mozilla has been keeping quiet about the OS, it is not anymore. The company announced a pair of partners on the web standards-based mobile OS: Telefónica and Deutsche Telekom. The German parent company of T-Mobile will be lending members of its Innovation Labs team to the development of the project. Telefónica will be bringing hardware to the equation. It revealed plans to build "open web devices" based on B2G for release this year. 

Qualcomm and Adobe are also throwing their weight behind the HTML5 platform. Engadget is saying that they are going to get some hands on with the OS, so I will report on that when they release some info.

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