Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Microsoft and British agency create child-friendly version of IE9

With children entering the internet at very young ages, online safety is important to most parents. Well Microsoft and a UK agency want to make that easier. Microsoft teamed up with the UK-based CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center) to create a special kid-friendly version of its IE9 browser. Access to key CEOP pages are baked right in, and there are dedicated tabs for the thinkuknow.co.uk information site and, of course, Bing.

For more security, a Jump List that lets parents and care-givers set the age group of their child and prevents them from seeing unsuitable content.

This could be known that this is only for the folks running Windows 7 on their machines. Sadly, it does not have built in protection to keep children from downloading other browsers, so you have to do that your self. But hey, if it's free, I'm not complainin'.

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