Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mac OS X 10.7.3 hits Software Update (URGENT UPDATE!)

How was your Wednesday? Good? Bad? Well hopefully this makes you feel a little better, or vise versa. Apple has pushed out a monster sized update today for its Lion OS. If you are updating, you have some new and/or improved features. First off, you have more languages added. You also have an updated version of Safari, which now stands at version 5.1.3 at the time of this post, and a fix for a very bad WiFi reconnection bug. Also buried in the release notes are RAW support for "more cameras" and a bevy of tweaks for those sharing files with Windows machines.

UPDATE: There has been some reports of some users having some app crashes and CUI errors. Click here to go to the updated post. If you already installed this update, don't panic. Head over to the new article to see what you can do.

Click here to visit the info from Apple.

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