Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LibreOffice updates to version 3.5, brings grammar check, bigger Calc workbooks, and more

Back in January, I posted an article saying that MS Office 15 was entering its Technical Preview stage. Well an open source competitor, LibreOffice, has just released a major update to its office suite of products that bring some expected, but welcome features. Among the new features is a bundle of upgrades for its word processor, including a built-in grammar checker and a real-time word count window. Its PowerPoint equivalent, Impress, received the ability to embed multimedia and custom color palettes among others upgrades, while the spreadsheet software, Calc, now supports up to 10,000 sheets per workbook. Version 3.5 also reintroduces an online update checker to make it easy to keep LibreOffice up to date. All total, 30,000 code commits went into the improvements of the software.

So if you want to read more info, check out the info from The Document Foundation Blog, and Click here to be taken to the LibreOffice download page to get the new update, or to download the office suite if you want to but haven't already.

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